Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout,the must-have for every mom

Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout,the must-have for every mom

Hip Hop Abs is a power-packed home fitness program by Beachbody and Shawn T. that includes 4 fat-burning exercise routines guaranteed to get you fit!

The Hip Hop Abs workout program isn’t all about dancing however. You’ll also receive Shawn’s step-by-step nutrition guide that breaks down his ultra-effective weight loss meal plan and the daily workout calendar. This fun, energizing hip hop workout program removes all of the guesswork and you’ll be on your way to a fitter you in no time.
With the Hip Hop Abs DVD exercise system, you’ll develop a leaner, more attractive body faster than you ever dreamed and have fun in the process with these high-energy hip hop dance routines. You won’t believe your results!

“HIP HOP ABS” in the United States is offered for sale by a surprisingly warm welcome. This form of exercise helps a lot in strengthening the abdominal muscles, according to practice demonstration disc within 30 minutes you can feel 2300 times abdominal exercise!

Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout,the must-have for every mom

“Follow the teaching CD exercise too hard, I suffered a setback,” “teaching video action too feminine”, for people who have had these complaints, “HIP HOP ABS” is our best recommendation! With the “HIP HOP ABS”, do not do boring and tiring exercise the abdominal muscles! ? Here I will reveal its true colors!

By numerous superb dancers co-produced “HIP HOP ABS”, action professional and easy to learn. Enjoy the rhythm of dance, sweat while moving sexy abs goal. Charismatic dance will never let you feel bored.

“3T training method,” the secret is that you can make your Hip Hop by learning the unique rhythm and waist movement up and down, to build strong abdominal muscles tight!

“3T training method” refers to the dance at the same time consciously exercising the abdominal muscles, upper body to make a “Tilt (” “Tuck (” “Tighten” three movements. This method can in a short time as the center abs workout the ideal figure.

As previously mentioned, to achieve maximum results in a short time, tighten the abdominal muscles and surrounding parts, the most important is to fully grasp the “Tilt” “Tuck” “Tighten” three movements. The following will explain one by one, quickly followed suit about it!
1. Tilt
The direction of the shoulder to the chest sent, slightly tilted forward. Do not follow this time waist bent forward. Only while keeping back straight shoulder stretched forward.
2. Tuck
To reach the waist. Done above said “Tilt” after hold, then gently knees, pelvis move up and then restore, and then repeat this action. Master this move, done while the navel and chest will feel the distance shortened.
3. Tighten
Breath and let the abdomen swelled, then exhale, we can naturally play a tightening effect. Doing “Tilt” “Tuck” at the same time, relax with breathing exercises, you can complete tighten the abdominal muscles “3T training method.”

This DVD workout, coach is dancing at the same time, will be shouting, “Do not forget 3T” “Note abs”, so learners even in completely into the dance of the time, do not forget to use “3T training method.” Themselves while dancing hand on the abdomen, feel the “3T training method” is being functioning Oh.

Monotonous exercise or just lying in bed for the abdominal muscles, both boring and difficult to persevere. But the “HIP HOP ABS”, then maybe you can let you in and the Hip Hop dance to music while burning fat, trained charismatic beautiful abs!

Only six days to create the ideal figure!
“HIP HOP ABS” (DVD 4 Disc) The contents include: fat burning, muscle tightening, body focused projects, lower body focused projects and five minutes centralized projects.
Here to introduce is trained in six days the perfect figure of a body sculpting program. Some particularly fond of dancing people, you can enjoy such a workout every day, Oh!
1,2 day fat burning (31 minutes)
Accompanied by music, burn body fat, body shaping tight.
Day 3 abdominal tightening (24 minutes)
Dancing at the same time the use of “3T workout Act,” focused abdominal exercises.
Day 4,5 Systemic concentration (43 minutes)
Activities body from head to toe, all the unwanted fat burn.
6th day lower body intensive program (25 minutes)
Goal is worthy of tights and miniskirt sexy lower body.

What is the result of “HIP HOP ABS” ?
Following the DVD, there are many benefits, “can be done at home, not necessary to choose the time and the place” “you can exercise at your own room, do not care around the eyes” and so on. The “HIP HOP ABS” on top of these advantages, but also be able to “give up too tired, enjoyable”, which is its charm.

People who like to dance must not miss! Try to follow professional guidance, accompanied by music, rhythm, before the advent of the spring and summer to make the perfect figure now!


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